Korosten MDF manufacture

The quality of the finished products depends mainly on the level of technological base of the plant. Therefore, Korosten MDF Plant has initially been focusing on the usage of the equipment from the world leaders in the production of the equipment for wood-working industry.    
At our Plant the following production lines are installed: Siempelkamp line for the production of MDF/HDF panels, Wemhoener laminating line and Homag line for the production of laminate flooring. The supplies of additional equipment are also carried out by Siempelkamp with the usage of the equipment of such well-known companies as Metso, Buettner and others.
40 m long ContiRoll Press is installed at the plant, it is able to produce pressure of 500 N/cm² in the first area. The design of the press enables to conduct continuous pressing with pressure distribution along and across the press, which leads to the increase in production, decrease in raw materials consumption and higher product quality.
MDF production line is fully automated and controlled by Siemens Step7 controllers. The operator only sets technological parameters and controls them with the help of visualization systems. The Plant is fully equipped with all necessary systems of automation, power supply and drivers: 9000M group for groups 1100-2300, and 9000S group for groups 2400-7000.


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