Korosten MDF manufacture


MDF Boards

The product range includes the following types of boards:
- sanded and laminated MDF/HDF;
- with one-side and two-side lamination.
Standard density  760 - 780 kg/m3 (custom produced -  up to 900 kg/m3).
Minimum consignment – 1 Eurotruck.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring, produced by our factory,  will bring  the natural beauty of the forest to your life. Soft wood tones will make your home beautiful and cozy.

The advantages of our laminate flooring are:
- High level of wear resistance -32 ( AC4 );
- Excellent strength and durability;
- Easy installation and maintenance ;
- Secure joint connection (manufactured under «Unilin» license);
- Popular decors based on classic and exotic wood species.

High-quality laminate flooring, produced by Korosten MDF Plant, will help you to create a  floor, that will last more than a dozen years.


 Product range:


REZULT MDF plate - is a perfect material for the furniture, door panels, exhibition stands, racks, shelves and shop windows production, as well as for interior decoration.



The range of products is represented by the following positions:

- Moisture resistant MDF-plate

- MDF plate laminated on both sides

- MDF plate laminated on one side

- MDF polished

Rezult company offers MDF and HDF boards by broad stock program of the Korosten MDF plant.

Standard density 760 - 780 kg/m3; (up to 900 kg/m3; under the order).

Minimum quantity shipped - 1 eurowaggon.

Minimum order - 300-400 m3.


REZULT laminate from Korosten MDF manufacture – is a comfortable, durable, environmentally friendly, compatible with heated floors and easy to install flooring. The structural strength of the laminate is able to resist a high pressure without a dent and furniture wheels without a scratches.

The benefits of REZULT laminate flooring are:
- high wear resistance rating – 31 (AC3) - 32 (AC4), -33 (AC5);
- strength and durability;
- easy installation and maintenance;
- durable lock system;
- popular decors based on classic and exotic species of trees.

REZULT laminate flooring by Korosten MDF manufacture is a guarantee that you will have a solid foundation under your feet.


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