Korosten MDF manufacture

MDF production line is fully automated and controlled by Siemens Step7 controllers. The operator only sets technological parameters and controls them with the help of visualization systems. The Plant is fully equipped with all necessary systems of automation, power supply and drivers: 9000M group for groups 1100-2300, and 9000S group for groups 2400-7000.
MDF Production Line includes the following equipment:

1 – debarking, chipping
2 – chips storage
3 – chip washing
4 – fiber preparation
5 – drier
6 – sifter 
7 – glue kitchen
8 – forming line and press
9 – mechanical and pneumatic conveyors
10 – cooling and stacking
11 – stacking station
12 – surface handling line
13 – packing line
14 – pneumatic transportation
15 – energy plant
16 – auxiliary equipment (spark detection and explosion protection)
17 – quality control system (laboratory equipment)
18 – saw blade and knife machines
19 – technical means of automation, drivers and control



About the Plant

The quality of the finished product depends on the level of technical and technological base of the plant. Therefore Korosten MDF manufacture focused on the use of equipment leading companies in wood industry.

The plant set production lines of German companies such as Siempelkamp (wood board production line), Wemhoner (laminating line) and Homag (production line of laminate flooring). Additional equipment is also carried out by Siempelkamp with Metso equipment companies, Buttner and others.

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