Korosten MDF manufacture


Annual information of the issuer


General information

1.1. Full name of the issuer Private Joint-Stock Company "Korosten MDF Manufacture"
1.2. Legal form Joint-Stock Company
1.3. Location of the issuer 01034, Kiew, Yaroslaviv Val str., 38
1.4. EDPNOU identification code of the issuer 37079170
1.5. City code and telefon number 044-220-21-21, 04142-60100
1.6. Series and number of the issuer's state registration certificate А0110741020000036590
1.7. Date of state registration 12.05.2010
1.8. Internet site http://kmm.ua/





About the Plant

The quality of the finished product depends on the level of technical and technological base of the plant. Therefore Korosten MDF manufacture focused on the use of equipment leading companies in wood industry.

The plant set production lines of German companies such as Siempelkamp (wood board production line), Wemhoner (laminating line) and Homag (production line of laminate flooring). Additional equipment is also carried out by Siempelkamp with Metso equipment companies, Buttner and others.

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