Korosten MDF manufacture

MDF Boards


REZULT MDF plate - is a perfect material for the furniture, door panels, exhibition stands, racks, shelves and shop windows production, as well as for interior decoration.



The range of products is represented by the following positions:

- Moisture resistant MDF-plate

- MDF plate laminated on both sides

- MDF plate laminated on one side

- MDF polished

Rezult company offers MDF and HDF boards by broad stock program of the Korosten MDF plant.

Standard density 760 - 780 kg/m3; (up to 900 kg/m3; under the order).

Minimum quantity shipped - 1 eurowaggon.

Minimum order - 300-400 m3.

Sanded MDF


#fc3424 #5835a1 #1975f2 #2fc86b #fevec9 #134f10441 #100313115750